How to Best Use Mutagen

How to best Use Mutagen, i.e. who to evolve first

Because mutagen is a limited resource, along with other material required to evolve heroes (souls, rings, etc.), it is important to be strategic about how you use mutagen and choose as you hit each level threshold the wisest hero to evolve first. Of course, eventually you will want to evolve each of your main heroes (and even really 9 heroes in total up to at least Libra for Hero Trials).

There are three main tiers of Player Base levels that evolution occurs at: 50, 100, and 120. Exceptions to this rule include Hydrasaur (50, 75, 90), Pounder (50, 75, 90), Dark Rider (50, 80, 100), and Blitz Bomber (50, 75, 90). I will be mainly focusing on the three main tiers though and explain what is going on at each tier.

There is a brief Youtube Video outlining these concepts. As you can see by reading the text, the game changes quite a lot as you level up and to be successful at each stage of growth requires changing your strategy as you get stronger.


Level 50: The Leo evolution

This tier truly is a game changer. In my opinion, the game goes very slowly below base level 50 and you can find yourself being very particular about who you can and cannot attack. But once you start getting your heroes to Leo, the game becomes much faster paced and easier to win battles.

What is happening at player level 50?

This is an important consideration to help you choose who to focus on first. When you are level 50, you won’t really be attacking player base levels above level 80-90. This means that the main method for you to be successful is how well can you kill the enemy heroes. On 99%+ of bases at these lower levels, once you kill their heroes (Great Sage usually will only revive once), you will have an easy time finishing off their base. Thus, the main focus at this stage in the game is evolving who helps you kill enemy heroes most efficiently.

Here is a list of heroes that help in killing enemy heroes:

  • Landslide: His stomp removes the pesky Pan Goli aide which is very helpful at lower levels
  • Skull Mage: His divine is very good for bursting down heroes, especially if you have his mercenaries to at least level 30.
  • Chiron: Provides a self-heal, but really pushes out significantly more DPS directly to enemy heroes especially if you use his divine right after his rage skill.
  • Djinni: Another useful way to deal with Pesky Ambrosias that some newer players have invested all their resources into and dealing with Pan Goli aides.
  • Great Sage: Not only does it do damage, but it gives you rage AND silences their team for a few seconds. Generally, I almost always evolve Great Sage first as the 3 extra rage is huge when your skills are not leveled up to their minimum rage costs most likely.

Next, there are heroes that help with damage (to enemy heroes), but also serve a dual role in keeping your heroes alive:

  • Pan Goli: His stun and extra damage is very nice for helping beat the enemy team.
  • Abyss Demon: His divine provides a burst DPS and healing role, and he is a nice choice as his divine actually starts hitting quite hard as you get to divine 2 and 3.
  • Arctic Lord: Makes himself immune and does damage to enemy heroes. A nice choice but at Leo, the damage is not as large compared to the “damage” dealing Divine 1s.
  • Pounder: Like a combination of Arctic Lord and Abyss Demon he provides a burst of DPS and healing that gives you those vital extra seconds to tank while the rest of your team takes out theirs.

Finally, there are the support Divines that really help you stay alive better, but generally speaking at lower levels it is best to focus on bursting them down quickly:

  • Enchantress: If you time it correct, the heal is very nice as well as the “get out of CC card.”
  • Dark Rider: In a similar fashion, his shield can help you survive long enough to whittle down enemy heroes.
  • Berserker: While I love how his divine makes him very indestructible at these lower levels, it shouldn’t be your first focus at Leo if he is on your team.
  • Savage Chief: A fun choice for keeping enemy heroes like Chiron and Ambrosia at bay while you beat on their melee heroes.

Lastly, there is the base destroying Divines. Because as I mentioned at this stage, destroying bases isn’t really how you will be successful and 100% bases (100%ing bases is more important at this stage as you need to gain maximum resources from winning battles). The ONLY exception to this is if you are building an AOE zerg team or are in a guild that competes against top CoL2 bases. These divines will help you score some extra points while you are growing in evolution, skills, and base strength. I don’t like this method for this reason, but they can become very powerful.

  • Ambrosia- her health equalization and heal are very nice, and if you use her divine on most bases you can get 50% right away with just her. HOWEVER, I strongly do not recommend this method for gaining cups in Lord’s league as mutagen and XP eggs are worth more than 1-starring a base. It is best to stay lower where you can easily 3-star opponents without losing any heroes to maximize rewards.
  • Sapphirix– A similar case to Ambrosia where he will get you a 1-star.
  • Hydrasaur: Pairing him with other fliers, especially Sapphirix is a devastating combo that can wipe out a base before the enemy can even hit you once. This is a specialized strategy and is challenging to pull off at lower divine levels.

Lowest Tier: Those who stink at divine 1

  • Renee Ven: She is the best at divine 3, but alas, there is no reason to rush her at Leo.
  • Blitz Bomber: Eh, don’t bother with him. Early on he can potentially help you score in GC as his skill can be spammed unlimited like Ambrosia and Sapphirix when you use your Guild Chariot’s Divine, but otherwise he’s a waste of resources.


Level 100: The Capricorn Evolution

At level 100, your base is getting more formidable and you are now starting to go against bases that have some Pisces or at least Aquarius heroes. There are really two main ways to go… a Zerg Team that consists on doing as much widespread AOE while controlling the enemy heroes or… a control team that is centered around killing enemy heroes.

Tier 1:

  • Great Sage– He really is in a category of his own here adding the type of control you want, doing extra damage with his Divine 2, silencing for longer, and giving you more rage to start your destruction

Tier 2: The AOE Zerg. This is becoming more formidable and as you grow, xp eggs aren’t as scarce and maybe you’re doing alright on mutagen. I still don’t recommend this unless you can mostly 100% everybody because as you go up in levels so does the mutagen cost (being up to 3k for a Capricorn evolution for some heroes)

  • Focus on heroes like: Ambrosia, Sapphirix, Hydrasaur, Arctic Lord, and even Skull Mage. All others are secondary if this is your strategy.
  • Secondary heroes include ones that can add additional control to your base destruction like Pan Goli who stuns (now one more target!) their heroes or Savage Chief who can taunt heroes away from your base destroyers.

Tier 2: The Control Heroes. These are heroes that help you stay alive and keep the enemy stunned or at bay

  • Pan Goli– A significant upgrade at level 100 as he now hits 4 targets instead of three with his knockback/stun. Very good choice if you use PG!
  • Landslide- He gains a longer stun, and a longer Pan Goli buff removal which is always helpful
  • Savage Chief- He now is more annoying to base defenders as they meaninglessly beat away at your one use punching bag.
  • Enchantress- One of the ultimate annoying things to face when attacking a base, her Divine 2 makes her more frustrating for attackers and makes her even more formidable as a healer in the burst DPS phase.
  • Berserker/Pounder/Dark Rider: They are similar in that they add extra health points to your hit pool that can help slow down beefed up opponents.
  • Abyss Demon: He now makes this current tier because as bases get stronger, the burst heal is actually quite nice that he provides and the healing your output becomes more and more necessary for success.
  • Demon Slayer: He fits in here because he is all about control and bringing the two furthest heroes in so you can stomp them and kill them. He is a hero that requires some strategy to use and takes practice.

Tier 3: The Damage Dealers

  • Chiron- He is perhaps close to the top of this list as he will likely be topping the enemy to enemy damage (unless you beef up someone like I did in my Berserker) and he gives a self heal. It’s very bad for an attackers success when he uses his divine.
  • Chiron got a special mention. Anyone else here you can’t really go wrong with though I still personally recommend focusing on control first.

Tier 4: The Almost good but not pressing

  • Again, we have Renee Ven who I would personally save for last.
  • And Blitz Bomber. You still stink in today’s game.



The Pisces Evolution

At this point, I won’t mention too much because if you are at Pisces, chances are you are familiar with the game and your strategy. I will just point out a few heroes that get significant buffs at Pisces who are worth considering to be some of your firsts. Essentially though, it’s often best to focus on control heroes first because as you start to go higher in Lord’s League, the enemy heroes hurt… a lot… and you want to neutralize them as much as you can.

Tier 1: Game changers

  • Renee Ven: This is her true purpose in life. To give you two divines of your choosing. Having two divine twos of your choice is much stronger than having one divine 3.
  • Great Sage: More rage!!! Strong damage. Good choice

Tier 2: Gain extra functionality from Capricorn Evoution

  • Demon Slayer: Pulls one more target it which is very strong for going against most top bases

Tier 3: The rest of them

  • The rest of heroes gain more damage or more healing or more buffs for longer, but the change isn’t as dramatic as DS. You will notice a difference with any Pisces evolution but those listed will be the biggest change from Divine 2, as the jump in damage/healing/buffs is much stronger going from 2->3 as opposed to 1->2.
How to Best Use Mutagen

How to Best Use Rings

I made a YouTube video that explains the process here: Video Explanation

The general rule of thumb I follow is:
1) Evolution
2) Special functionality for skills
3) Lower Rage
4) Pan Goli Aides
5) Other Aides
6) Maxing hero skills that don’t gain special functionality

The category “special functionality for skills” will be elaborated on and each hero analyzed below:

Category #2 Heroes

Berserker: Hits 1 rage at 18/20 (I believe). Stuns main target an extra 1.0 s at 20/20 skill level. He is a good second choice to max his skill if he is one of your main damage heroes.

Chiron: Hits 1 rage at 16/20. Creates 4 clones at 18/20 skill. Pushing him to 18/20 is a good use of rings, but going from 18/20->20/20 is not a priority using this system.

Great Sage: Hits 1.5 rage at 16/20. Silences 2 targets at 18/20. Hits 5 targets at 20/20 skill. He is an excellent choice to max his skill first.

Pounder: His “pound” stuns for 4 seconds at 15/20. Then he drops to 1 rage at 16/20. Above 16/20 it only adds additional damage

Non-category #2 Heroes

Abyss Demon: Hits 1 rage at 16/20. His skill doesn’t gain any additional functionality, so he does not fall into category #2. He is a special hero though in the sense that if he is your main healer, he is worth leveling up before other priorities.

Ambrosia: Hits 2 rage at 18/20. She does not fit into category #2.

Arctic Lord: Hits 1 rage at 16/20. He does not fit into category #2.

Demon Slayer: Hits 1 rage at 16/20. He does not fit into category #2.

Djinni: Hits 1.5 rage at 16/20. He gets some nice buffs as you go up, but it’s not a category #2 hero.

Landslide: Hits 1 rage at 16/20.

Pan Goli: Hits 1 rage at 16/20. He does not fit into category #2.

Renee Ven: Hits 2 rage at 16/20. Nothing changes as you level it after this besides how much HP % your revived heroes have.

Sapphirix: Hits 2 rage at 18/20. Just a damage increase above 18/20.

Not Analyzed

Air Elite, Blitz Bomber, Blockhead, Carol D, Dark Rider, Glory P, Hydrasaur, Skull Mage: I did not look at these heroes, but given the above information, I hope that you can find where they fit in if you use these heroes and make wise decisions!

How to Best Use Rings

Hero Aides

This will serve as a basic review of what hero aides are, along with my recommendations for how to use them, and a rating for each one.

Types of Heroes: If you clearly define your heroes role, you can choose aides and prioritize them

Before that though, I will categorize each hero into their main roles:

Attackers, their main role is to do damage: Berserker, Demon Slayer, Chiron, Djinni, Ambrosia, Abyss Demon, Sapphirix, Wonton, Arcane Caster//Recommended Aides: Sapphirix, Chiron, Blockhead, Hydrasaur, Skull Mage, Djinni, Abyss Demon, Arcane Caster

Hybrid, they can do some very nice damage, but their rage skills and divine going off are more important than how much damage they do, often for crowd control purposes: Carol D, Great Sage, Dark Rider, Pan Goli, Arctic Lord//Recommended Aides: Sapphirix, Hydrasaur, Chiron/Berserker(for GS mainly), Arctic Lord, Enchantress, Savage Chief, Landslide, Wonton, Toxic Shaman

Support, they aren’t meant to do damage but rather stay alive to use their skills: Renee Ven, Enchantress, Toxic Shaman// Recommended Aides: Savage Chief, Hydrasaur, Enchantress, Arctic Lord, Landslide, Berserker, (extra Sapphirix perhaps?), Wonton, Toxic Shaman

Tank, they are meant to receive damage and stay alive: Savage Chief, Pounder, Landslide//Recommended Aides: Savage Chief, Arctic Lord, Enchantress, Chiron, Berserker, Landslide, Ambrosia, Wonton, Toxic Shaman

Troop Based, their main damage will be done through their mercenaries: Skull Mage, Glory Priestess, Blockhead, (sometimes: Chiron, Sapphirix)//Recommended Aides: Demon Slayer (for all), Shining Wizard (for Wiz types), Renee Ven (for Sharpshooters), Pyro Pete (for Sharpshooters), Blitz Bomber (for all), Carol D (for all)



Pan Goli- 10/10. Perhaps the best hero aide as opponents need to design speicific strategies to combat against it and having the extra time to fire off a healing skill or one last attack is just too good. It’s amazing for all game modes and you will almost always be using one except possibly a Great Sage on Defense and certain BR situations.

Sapphirix- 9/10. 25% HP & 25% DMG. My rating: 9/10. While the 25% HP is nice, the 25% DMG is where he truly shines. I mentioned how ATK is added on to your heroes (meaning it is a percentage based off of the raw unboosted attack). However, the Damage multiplier goes on at the end of the formula. Meaning it’s total calculated ATK (with raw, +, and +%)*DMG multiplier. This multiplier makes it much more potent than even a 50% ATK boost from SM because the damage from weapons, enchants, and evo gets multiplied by your damage multiplier. Best used: Attackers, Hybrid.

Toxic Shaman- 9/10. 30% DMG Reflect; releases poison cloud upon dying (7K DMG/sec + 10k Heal/sec + reduce ATK Rate & Speed for those in cloud). He is a super sweet hero aide for heroes that die multiple times (or in Hero Trials- hint: give to your hero(es) who die first!). Great Sage is a sweet choice on defense and a second choice could be Enchantress. Best used: Hybrid, Support, Tanks.

Enchantress- 9/10. At higher levels she is annoying! Very good for keeping heroes alive longer. This is particularly evil paired with an LS on defense, or Enchant on Defense 🙂 Best used: Hybrid (think Great Sage), Support, Tanks.

Blockhead- 9/10. He is a very (very) nice hero aide, giving 50% increased attack speed. This is an excellent boost for hard hitters and a fun aide to add to heroes who have other procs on their attack (i.e. the Thunder Blade, Bow, Abyss Demon Aide). Mathematically, a 50% attack rate will increase total damage output more than any other single hero aide. Best used: heroes with blades or bows (Abyss Demon/Ambrosia or anyone else who hits fast already).

Arctic Lord- 8/10. The damage reduction is huge when starting battles and devastating when enemies try to damage your base (or kill your reswpawning great sage). Or even in Hero Trials this is activated every time a new hero spawns. Best used: Tanks, Great Sage (support on defense can work too).

Chiron- 8/10. 40% ATK & Damage & Skill Damage/DMG Reflect. The best use of Chiron aides is his damage and skill damage reflect. Therefore, the best use of him would be when enemies focus on your target. Best used: (if all your heroes have one) or really Landslide (who can force heroes to attack him). The best and my favorite use is Great Sage on Defense. He can often be the last remaining hero and thus it is very common to have everyone focusing on him. Damage reflect plus his skill/divine can be devastating.

Djinni- 8/10. Has the potential to be a monster aide, especially with Legendary Equipment. And the extra 30 fury is amazing for Arcane Tome users. Also, for example, a +2 orange blade I have gives 17% extra CRIT, but no CRIT Damage. Adding a CRIT Damage modifier increases its output significantly. Best used: Attackers, Tome users.

Berserker- 8/10 (The Guild Boss Destroyer Aide). Could be very nice, especially to prevent lower health support like Renee Ven from being one shot by beefy enemy Great Sages or Berserkers or now, and perhaps most important, Wontons!! My Wonton is hitting for 200k+ with his Divine 2. That hurts, especially when he’s on defense! Sometimes a Savage Chief HP boost doesn’t cut it, but Berserker can do the trick. Best used: Tanks, Support, Great Sage (even attacks vs. Guild boss).

Wonton- 8/10. 30% dodge from Orange Heart, 15% dodge from 3x talents, 17% dodge from Wonton aide, 15-20% dodge from enchanting = ninja mode!!! 75-80% dodge rate plus the extra 25-30% from when they actually hit you enough to get your Heart to proc. Best used: Tanks, Support, Hybrid.

Landslide- 7/10. Perhaps an underestimated hero aide. Over 30 seconds he will heal you for 21% of your overall health. If your health is already quite high, 21% health on say 400k is quite significant. Best used: Tanks, Support.

Arcane Caster- 7/10 (10/10 for certain situations). She gives an outstanding Damage buff if you have more heroes than the enemy. This ought to work in the guild boss mode and is super powerful for finishing off enemy bases or attacking enemies. I think at max level it gives up to a 48% DMG boost, 2x the benefit of Sapphirix! Best used: Attackers.

Hydrasaur- 7/10. 36% ATK and 36% HP. A nice combination hero that helps you stay alive. My rating: 8/10. Best used: Hybrid, Attackers, Support (if you build the frontlines well you can boost support dps).

Savage Chief- 7/10. He is a good aide, giving a boost of up to 50% HP (note this boost is not 50% of what you see, but 50% of their base HP stat excluding weapons, evolution, and other boosts). His effectiveness is less now with hero equipment and hero enchanting but he is still good. Best used: Support and Tanks.

Skull Mage- 7/10. He is a fine hero aide because of a 50% ATK boost (though this is also based upon a hero’s base stats and excludes weapons, enchants, and evolution before it is calculated). Was better before hero enchants and weapons. Best used: Attackers.

Abyss Demon- 7/10. AOE attack every xx attacks. Best used: Attackers/ pairing with blockhead aide or with Thunder Blades for extra AOE.

Ambrosia- 5/10. I have never gotten excited about using her to boost healing. Best used: Tanks or ranged heroes (as when they die, their skeleton becomes a range hero and can last longer than melee).

Renee Ven- 10/10 (for Sharpshooter build in BR), 5/10 elsewhere. Amazing for Sharpshooter build in Battle Royale, okay to buff sharpshooter mercs elsewhere.

Demon Slayer- 10/10 (for mercenary builds), 1/10 otherwise. Amazing when your main damage is done by mercenaries (like a Sharpshooter or Wizard build). Or… he is very nice for giving Arcane Tome users with Wizards up to 20 extra fury. This means you can start with 80 fury to begin a battle (with Djinni, Demon Slayer, and 15 wizard mercs). For fun you could get the merc# boosting talents, but at that point I prefer more killing power 🙂

Great Sage- 4/10. Spawns monkeys. These monkeys at best can really just soak up some hits that otherwise would have gone to your main heroes. Best used: Flying heroes. Funnily enough, this can slow down melee attackers who keep doubling back for a flying hero dropping monkeys on the ground.

Dark Rider- 1/10. Flat ATK up boost. Perhaps one of the weakest aides. Down there with Glory Priestess. He is a nice hero himself though, and could be even more fun with blockhead’s evolution. My rating: 1/10. Best used: when you have nobody else.

Air Elite- 1/10. Currently a waste of everyone’s time. Her HP bonus scales linearly which gets overshadowed by weapons and hero enchants. My rating: 1/10. Main purpose: Currently only as an IGG troll. May have some use if her divine can boost damage by flying units.

I won’t discuss other mercenary buffing aides: Carol D, Blitz B, etc.



Hero Aides