How IGG Calculates Damage

Here is a brief rundown on how damage is calculated (ignoring CRIT for now until I do more tests on the base critical rate and base critical damage boost).

The formula for how much damage a hero will do (again assuming a non-critical) is:

Total Damage = [(Base Hero Attack * ATK%)+Flat ATK] * DMG Bonus

Let me explain what each of these is in more detail, though I will point out that the number you see when inspecting a hero with aides is the calculation of (Base Hero Attack * ATK%)+Flat ATK.

Base Hero Attack

Description: the raw attack stat excluding all glory, evolution, aides, weapons, etc.

How to Increase:

  • Leveling up your character only


Description: The stat is found in many different sources. To calculate how it affects your overall damage you need to add up all sources of ATK% and then apply it to the formula.

How to Increase:

    • Leveling Hero Aides in 2nd and 3rd slot (arguably the strongest method-at level 130 for aide 2 and 3 you get 90% boost from just having them leveled to 130; level 180 aide 2 and 3 is 146% ATK boost)
    • Leveling Hero Aide skills (max boosts: Chiron-30%, Skull Mage-40%, Hydrasaur-28%)
    • Evolution (Libra for example gives an ATK% boost; 35% for Berserker, etc.)
    • Hero Talent Battle Fervor gives 8% boost max
    • Hero Enchanting (Sometimes Level 2 or Level 3 Enchants)
    • On Defense from Guild Bot & Hero Hall Level

Temporary Boost through hero rage skills like Enchantress (30% ATK up)

Flat ATK

Description: This one is even more straightforward than ATK% and is a simple addition onto the result of Base Hero Attack * ATK%

How to Increase:

  • Hero Equipment (Bow, Blade, Tome)
  • Evolution (notice how evolution is a percentage + a flat amount; the flat amount goes here)
  • Hero Aide (Dark Rider gives 800 I believe at max)
  • Hero Talents (never bothered with this one and don’t even know what it’s called)
  • Hero Glory
  • Hero Enchanting


Description: This is similar to ATK% in how it works, though is arguably much more powerful at face value. To compare say the two talents: Battle Fervor (8% ATK) and Blessed Weapons (8% DMG). Since DMG% gets multiplied in after you calculate the total attack and ATK% only impacts the base hero attack DMG% will always be stronger pound for pound.

How to Increase:

  • Hero Equipment (Tome, Hammer)
  • Hero Enchanting (up to 25% DMG at max level)
  • Hero Talents (Blessed Weapons gives 8% DMG at max)
  • Hero Aides (Sapphirix gives 20% DMG)
  • Temporary Boost: Ambrosia rage skill (30% DMG boost at max rage skill level)

So that is what goes into the numbers you see when you inspect a hero. A YouTube video will be put up giving a basic example with a level 1 hero and Critical Damage information hopefully will come out soon.

How IGG Calculates Damage

4 thoughts on “How IGG Calculates Damage

  1. too clean says:

    Good stuff. I’ve been wondering if blockhead or skull mage would be a better aid for chiron, and if this is right it looks like he’ll only loses about 5-8% damage on him and all his clones with blockhead. Seems worth it with all that bow slowdown he’ll get.


    1. Metallord says:

      Wouldn’t Blockhead aid be better than Skull mage over time?
      For instance, my Chirons atk equals 17,792 with a lvl 150 Skull aid +40% atk in first aid slot and 16,088 without (lvl 150 Blockhead aid in same slot). Difference of only 1,704 atk.
      Say Chiron attacks 2 times per second. That equals 35,584 atk/sec. with Skull Mage aid. (I’m purposely not saying damage per second because I don’t know all the values of the above formula to calculate his actual dmg). So I’ll just keep it as atk/sec.
      Now if you aid Blockhead instead of Skull in same slot, atk equals 16,088 but atk RATE increases +40%. So those 2 attacks per second is now 2.8 attacks per second. So even at the lower value of 16,088 atk without skull mage aid, that now equals 45,046 atk/sec with Blockhead aid.

      Therfore: Over a 3 min guild clash attack, I can do 6,405,120 potential atk with Skull mage aid.
      Or 8,108,280 potential atk with Blockhead aid.
      Difference of 1,703,160 atk!
      And not only that, weapons like thunder blade and thorned bow engage after a certain amount of attacks so wouldn’t you want to attack as fast as possible?

      Please correct me if I’m way off.


      1. Blockhead is definitely a superior aide for all heroes whose main damage comes from their regular attack. It’s not even close doing 50% more than a maxed Sapphirix aide and probably at least 60% more than a maxed SM aide!


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