How I Spend Jewels in El Dorado

At the time of this post, I’m at level 64 base and have about 4600 power. The favorite thing I’ve done (besides killing some bases double my level in GC vs. top guilds) is ranking 88th in this past weeks Hero Trials. That really should not be possible for someone at my level, hero aides, and evolution, but it can be done! A future article will provide feedback and general goals for upgrading which piece of equipment.

I have a general strategy for growing and pushing this as high as you can in terms of equipment power and there are three main scenarios:

Scenario 1, No El Dorado 2x event (300-500 Jewels/Day)

This is the normal way I spend jewels. I spend between 300 and 500 jewels every day, which is easily supplemented by a monthly pack (400 a day) + daily events (at least 170 more jewels + BR/CC/GC rewards).

  1. Do energy refills (50, 50, 100, 100 = 300 jewels spent). Mathematically, in a rate up event, you get 2x drops for the same energy (and 360 jewels is the max cost per refill in a rate up event). This means that during normal conditions it takes twice as much energy to do refills. So spending 360 jewels is actually the equivalent of spending 180 jewels in a normal situation. So spending 100 jewels for 120 energy in a regular event is better than spamming the 360 jewel reset in a 2x event.
  2. Farm the boss of every map you’ve cleared at least using 3/3 tries. Then if you are close to an upgrade, spend 50 jewels to buy one refresh. It is even worth buying up to 100 jewel refreshes for shards if you have extra jewels, but I generally don’t do this.
  3. Spend the rest of your energy farming materials towards your next upgrade, but never use a potion refill!!


Scenario 2, El Dorado 2x event, no Spending Event

  1. Do energy refills up to 360 jewels per refill.
  2. Focus on farming shards in these events, going up to 100 or 200 jewels to reset the boss levels.
  3. Use all potion refills at your discretion. Generally if I have any, I use all of mine up as there are no downsides to doing so in these events.
  4. You can go crazy and refill your jewels many many times, but generally it is best to wait where there is an extra reward for spending jewels.


Scenario 3, El Dorado 2x event, Spending Event (like Lord’s Gone Wild, etc.)

  1. Since you’ve already focused on shards, pumping out as many energy refills as possible is what I tend to do. IF the event lasts multiple days, make sure you have enough jewels to at least pay for the resets that cost less than 360 jewels.
  2. For the first few day(s), take it slow and only do enough resets depending on your dice rolling results. The last day, make sure to spend enough to get the prizes you want from the spending event (Lord’s Gone Wild, Wishing Tree, etc.)
  3. If there are special purchasing events, generally try to wait until the last day as there is often an extra bonus you can get on the last day.


Special Case: Purchasing Packs at end of Maps

  1. After getting 4 weapons to Legendary so far, and 4 more to Epic, I definitely appreciate the packs that you can buy. I purchased all of them except the ones on the first map (since Green Items are so quick to get on 2x events) and the 3rd to last map (that requires ~30k jewels to upgrade a blade from +3 Epic to +0 Legendary).
  2. This is a good investment and will help you grow even faster to level at least one blade up above your other weapons.
  3. Finally, please avoid doing this when there’s not a rate up event, nor any reward for spending jewels!
How I Spend Jewels in El Dorado

6 thoughts on “How I Spend Jewels in El Dorado

  1. miaaaaaaaaw says:

    well it says enough on how much u pay in the game:)
    the only way that a normal player should go with : do the full daily, leave some rage for next day in case there is a sepcial event.
    if there is a eldorado event spent on 2 refill (+30+30, if there is a spending event, he can go for +60)
    * Always focus on the next weapon….
    life is good:)


  2. shah says:

    What an excellent write-up
    been starting to get serious about COL2 over the past 2 mths and all your articles really help.
    thank you for the effort and well done


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