The Best Equipment for Everything (Part 1)

With 5 to choose from and countless paths to farm materials, how do you know which equipment is best to level up first… and for what hero? Sure, it would be ideal to get +3 Orange Equipment on every hero, with +3 Orange Equipment on all 15 of your hero aides… but let’s face it: unless you spent $100,000+ on this game, that’s not you! If you’re like the rest of us, then you need to make decisions and choose wisely which nodes to farm and which equipment to upgrade first!

What must be said…

There is no “best” weapon. A Blade is not better than a Bow or Heart or Hammer or Tome. They all have pros and cons and all are very strong especially as you level them up! First though, let’s look at the stat distribution on each and start listing what rocks about each weapon… and a little of what doesn’t 🙂


Here is a list of stats that appear on weapons with a brief commentary on my thoughts about them:

Offensive buffs:

  • +ATK. Appears on: Blade, Bow, Tome.
    • This is a flat attack modifier that gets added on to your hero’s displayed attack number. Generally speaking, +ATK is stronger the weaker your heroes and hero aides are and this is why I strongly recommend investing in El Dorado equipment first! This gets up to +4000 ATK for +2 or +3 Legendary Blades.
  • +Hero HIT %. Appears on all weapons.
    • A prefactor to calculating Critical hit chance as if you miss, you cannot critically hit someone. Note: If an enemy hero has no weapon with +dodge% or any talents giving +DODGE%, then you will always hit them regardless of your HIT%.
  • +Hero DMG%. Appears on Hammer, Tome.
    • Arguably one of the strongest buffs in the game as this multiplier gets added in at the end of any other calculations. For more information please see my article on “How IGG calculates damage.”
  • +Hero CRIT %. Appears on Blade, Bow, Tome.
    • This, according to IGG live support, affects the chance for a hero to land a critical strike (assuming they don’t miss). From my understanding, there is a 0% (or very low) chance for a hero to Crit without having a listed Crit% boost (through either a Blade, Bow, Tome, Djinni aide, or talents).
  • +Hero CRIT Bonus%. Appears on Hammer, Tome.
    • I haven’t worked out the calculations for this boost perfectly yet, but from my understanding, this should work like the Djinni aide which boosts CRIT DMG% by 15% at max aide boost. The way that this works for Djinni at least is a critical strike will hit for: base damage * special modifier * (100%+50% base CRIT DMG bonus + extra CRIT DMG % bonuses). I don’t know what the special modifier is just yet, but this stat should get added into 50% boost that critical strikes gets inherently. Either way, the higher this number goes, the faster the enemy health drops 🙂

Defensive buffs:

  • +HP.Appears on Blade, Hammer, Heart.
    • This is a flat HP modifier that simply gets added on to the displayed HP number for your hero. Again, generally speaking the weaker your heroes and hero aides are this is stronger, but having more HP is always good.
  • +Hero CRIT Resist%. Appears on Blade, Hammer, Heart.
    • This, also according to IGG live support, does not reduce the chance of an enemy hero to hit you with a critical strike, but it simply reduces the critical damage that you would have otherwise received.
  • +Hero DODGE %. Appears on Bow, Heart.
    • A self explanatory counterpart to HIT %. If your weapons with dodge are leveled up more than attacker weapons, then it is quite likely your dodge will be more noticeable. For evenly leveled weapons it is not as evident unless you give yourself additional dodge through talents or a Won Ton aide.
  • +Hero DMG RED%. Appears on Heart.
    • Another straightforward idea that reduces incoming damage similar to the talent Charm Curtain.


Weapon Unique Skills

The Thunder Blade

Unique Ability: Generate YY thunderbolts every XX attacks. At Legendary this does 7 enemy targets every 6 attacks. A +3 Orange Thunder Blade hits all those targets for 200% ATK, which is pretty insane.

The Arcane Tome

Unique Ability: Gain extra attack for each fury point & upon 100 fury, enrage. The Tome is already good with its boost to DMG% CRIT DMG%, but the main goal is to get to 100 fury as soon as possible. Of course Wizard mercenaries can help (though only on offense) and a Djinni aide is also nice (an extra +30 fury to start). For example, my Ambrosia starts at +60 fury when on offense due to her mercenaries and Djinni aide. A +0 Orange Tome gives 20 extra ATK per fury and Max fury gives 27% DMG, 50% SPD, and 30% DMG RED.

The Dragon Heart

Unique Ability: Have a YY% to restore XX% of max HP after dodging an attack. If hit ZZ times, increase dodge by QQ% for AA seconds. It’s kind of awkward to write it in general variable with some many factors that change. Boosting dodge further with talents and/or a WonTon aide is an excellent idea to boost a Dragon Heart. A +0 Dragon Heart gives a 33% chance to restore 11% of max HP after dodging an attack. If hit 20 times, the Hero also gets a boost that increases dodge by 22% for 8 secs.

The Thorned Bow

Unique Ability: Shoot a thorn at attackers every 8 attacks, slowing them down and doing extra damage and knocking them back. The damage is a flat amount though and does not scale with the power of your hero, making the ability’s main purpose to knockback heroes and slow them down. A +0 Orange Bow slows them down by 80% for 4 seconds.

The Holy Hammer

Unique Ability: Deal XX% more DMG to Bleeding and Stunned targets. If the hero is taunted or loses more than ZZ% of their current HP from a single attack, they gain YY% Hit Rate and XY% CRIT Rate, stacking up to 5 times.



The Best Equipment for Everything (Part 1)

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