Guide to Scoring in BR 17 and BR 18

A Youtube Video of the rewards can be seen here: Battle Royale Rewards

This is not a general team building guide, but a brief overview is most of us use a sharpshooter build. A wizard build is also viable especially as you level up your Skull Mage. A general team building guide can be found here:

An example sharpshooter build:

Chiron- max skill; aides: Renee Ven, Demon Slayer, Pyro Pete (or Pan Goli which can be a good idea on BR 18)

Pyro Pete- max skill; aides: same as Chiron

Renee Ven- aides: same as Chiron. I honestly prefer sharpshooters because much of my strategy depends on using the double GS silence/divine wall wrecking; a wizard build would work very well though for zergs like against Carol D Belle or Sapphirix especially in BR 18.

Berserker- now becoming a staple, his rage spell stuns the highest HP targets for 6 seconds and increases their damage taken by 100%… wow! You want to time his rage skill with your MAX allied winds and Chiron Divine/Chiron rage skill.

This will make up the core of your team. Then the other slots are flexible, but can be filled with others like Great Sage, Landslide, Pounder, Ambrosia.


Battle Royale 17:

It is up to your guild, but generally going for the Chiron makes the most sense as you can use full weapons and not worry about pulling him preemptively. One strategy that I like uses LS/GS/Chi/RV/PP. I personally like Berk/GS/Chi/RV/PP, but you need to pull the Chi out with just Berk or GS. I haven’t worked on this too much, but it can be done.

Killing Chiron:

The key to Chiron is to keep him silenced for as long as possible and then hope that once he uses his skill his clones do not target PP or Chi. A general silence sequence is as follows:

GS divine (10 secs) + GS Skill (16 secs) + GS divine (10 secs) = 36 secs of safety then prepare for chaos


GS Skill (16 seconds) + GS Divine (10 seconds) + GS Skill (16 seconds) + GS Divine (10 seconds) + GS Skill (16 seconds) = 68 seconds. Note Berserker can be included in this with his 6 second stun!

Alternatively, you can lower damage and use LS for his stomp giving you time for a whole extra sequence (pisces is very nice) doing something like this:

The 116 second silence sequence: GS divine (10 secs) + GS skill (16 secs) + GS divine (10 secs) + GS skill (16 secs) + LS Divine (7 secs- note: use when GS skill cooldown is at 7-8 seconds—not sure if this is possible outside of pisces) + GS skill (16 secs) = 116 secs of safety!

Once you have some sort of silence sequence down, it can be used on all the boss type heroes (like GS in BR 18; Chiron in BR 18; RV in BR 16 etc…)

Killing the Reapers:

The key is breaking the walls in front of the Reapers. If you can’t break the walls then your heroes and mercs will go around the whole base and never do any damage.

The traditional way to break the walls can be seen here:

This involves using Pounder’s divine (level 3 is required) and then instantly dropping Renee Ven and using her Divine, to restore Pounder’s divine. Then you use his Divine a 2nd time and break the walls. The highest scoring teams will involve Pounder due to his desire to lock onto the Reapers. He will be able to stun the reapers with his regular rage skill and thus keep your tanks alive longer. This method will also work with Landslide’s Divine Pisces evolution, though you must be careful not to taunt once he is attacking the reapers as he will taunt over the Chiron and things will get messy.

*Wonton Update: Wonton is actually very good for breaking down the walls and can fairly easily one shot them with his skill. Then he turns into a beastly tank with his large damage reduction with no enemies nearby 🙂

Here is my strategy though for scoring pretty solid 4 reaper’s alive… (recommended: heart for GS; blade for AD; Tome for your best Sharpshooter damage (chi, PP, or RV; funnily enough mine is PP since he has full BR talents)

  1. Drop GS directly south of the reapers at the kink in the wall
  2. Start his Divine (level 3 is very important though maybe level 2 can work); halfway through the divine drop an allied wind
  3. Drop RV shortly as GS is about to stop spinning and restore his divine, resuse immediately; the mercs will go straight through the walls and go right for reapers
  4. Drop AD, PP, and Chi immediately; use AD skill
  5. Use PP/Chi skills once all mercs are down and then Chi divine; drop 2 winds here
  6. Drop final wind once you use chiron’s skill the next time
  7. Generally save AD’s divine until the end since it has been known to pull Chi


Battle Royale 18:

There are 5 targets here and each one will require a slightly different strategy.

Carol D’Belle:

I never really hit her, but it can be similar to others. I’ve seen some people score very well verse her. Berserker is key and time it well with your clones.


Arctic Lord:

AL is interesting in that he doesn’t do a ton of damage, but he has the potential to wipe out your mercenaries with his skill. It is very important to have beefy mercenaries! Thus, my general strategy is to silence him as much as possible. I also recommend Pan Goli aides so your Pyro Pete can survive more than one of his rage skills.

I do: GS, Berk (AD can be put in here in place of GS I suppose), Chi, PP, RV.

  1. Drop GS closer to corner, use his skill clearing most of the buildings; a lvl 3 divine will give you 10 seconds of silence and his skill stuns AL for 1.5 secs each time; a heart is useful for GS here (an AL aide is useful in these drops except for vs. GS alone)
  2. Drop AD very shortly after and use his skill immediately; his divine can be used if your GS is struggling to stay alive
  3. Drop heroes slightly spread but not too far so the mercs spread out but will focus on AL restore GS divine with RV; usually skill usage here and Chi Divine
  4. Silence AL for 10 more seconds timing it so you can stun him right when its done; prepare for an AL rage move—this is why PG aides are key!



The key to Sapphirix is zerging him with ranged heroes. I’ve found that he doesn’t really target melee targets very much which can make him tricky to tank. He really can devastate your team if he uses his skill facing your mercenaries as he can wipe almost all of the up in one skill use. Here is one strategy that I’ve come up with to score 80-100M or so (could be more if I had better aides). Due to the chaotic nature of this pull; it can be recommended to use swords to maximize burst damage by your team and even drop more winds at start than normal, but I usually just use a Tome (on my PP) and Hearts on my Amb and GS.

Team Members: Ambrosia, Great Sage, Pyro Pete, Renee Ven, Chiron (PG Aides highly recommended)

  1. Drop GS on one side of corner and Amb on other side (blitz bomber is an option for ultimate zerg dps if you have one with lvl 30+mercs and BR aides for him)
  2. Don’t use GS skill immediately but wait for more mercs to spawn
  3. Wait until Sapp is aggroed and use Amb skill to clear more buildsings
  4. Finally: drop the regular crew; drop 2 to 3 winds and then 1 wind on chi’s next skill usage; or do 2 and 2 winds
  5. You want to silence Sapp as much as possible so use double GS divine
  6. Note: An alternative strategy is to drop GS on opposite side of map so that his skill will silence Sapp for 16 seconds giving you 36 seconds of sapp silence at divine 3—this is not a bad idea but you must get lucky that he keeps single targeting mercs and not PP or Chi
  7. Also: don’t rez GS; only rez PP or Chi if they die and preferably close to their skill cooldown time as Sapp is very unpredictable and can easily turn a random way and oneshot your rezzed hero

Alternate Strategy:

I sometimes use an LS to tank. My LS with an orange heart can tank/solo heal the bird the whole time and keep my team safe. I personally prefer this second strategy.

Chiron & Great Sage:

Use some kind of silence sequence like I suggested above. One key for GS is to pull him out of the center as quickly as possible.

I use LS, GS, PP, RV, and Chi (no AD required with my silence sequence)

Ways to push/pull GS to the side: a PG knockback from opposite side of map; a DS divine pull; an AL divine or AL skill; Amb Divine, etc.

However, PG, AL, DS, and Amb do not have a special ability to silence… thus this is what I do:

Start with LS (make his HP as high as possible as his skill will keep him alive pretty easily; I think an Amb aide makes his skill heal for even more)

  1. This drop is key. Only drop LS at exactly the middle of the upper left side (there are 3 magic towers in a row). Drop him exactly on top of the middle one. He will kill it in 1-2 hits (1 is better of course so raising his damage is very nice too) and then move inwards to one of the magic towers in the second row
  2. Immediately taunt once he is in range of the second row of magic towers. Do NOT taunt when he is on the outside. This will screw up your score majorly. You must wait until he is a little closer to GS
  3. Don’t drop anybody yet. Wait until GS is almost to LS and then drop GS and begin the silence sequence with his divine
  4. As buildings are getting destroyed drop PP, RV, Chi; restore GS divine and start doing damage
  5. The silence sequence will keep GS occupied for 116/120 seconds and thus no PG aide is required if it is just him and go for maximum damage + full weapons of course your heroes will die likely if you have lvl 1 aides for the sharpshooters but it doesn’t matter at end



Guide to Scoring in BR 17 and BR 18

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