The Best Hero Talents

Hey everybody!

Thanks for all your support for me, I just wanted to make a blog post and quick video about Hero Talents and talk about what is the best talent for each hero! Here is a video overview: Hero Talent Video.

Types of Heroes: If you clearly define your heroes role, you can choose talents and prioritize them

Before that though, I will categorize each hero into their main roles:


Their main role is to do damage: Generally speaking you want to choose one of the talents from the list of offensive talents below, though some prefer defensive talents for all heroes.

  • Berserker
  • Demon Slayer
  • Chiron
  • Djinni
  • Ambrosia
  • Abyss Demon
  • Sapphirix
  • Wonton
  • Arcane Caster


They can do some very nice damage, but their rage skills and divine going off are more important than how much damage they do, often for crowd control purposes: Generally speaking, they are fine with offensive or defensive talents, though most prefer defensive talents for this category.

  • Carol D
  • Dark Rider
  • Pan Goli
  • Arctic Lord
  • Great Sage

Support & Tanks

Support, they aren’t meant to do damage but rather stay alive to use their skills & Tanks, they are meant to receive damage and stay alive: Generally speaking, you will want only defensive talents for these heroes.

  • Renee Ven
  • Enchantress
  • Savage Chief
  • Pounder
  • Landslide

Troop Based Heroes

Self-explainatory: Generally speaking you want troop based talents

  • Skull Mage
  • Glory Priestess
  • Blockhead
  • Hydrasaur
  • Chiron (sometimes)
  • Sapphirix (sometimes)


The Best Hero Talents

Offensive Based Talents: Heroes can do damage via skill, divine, or regular attacks.

  1. Blessed Weapons (increases Hero DMG by 8%)- boosts all three damage categories, and even increases total Crit Damage. Because of the effect of diminishing returns, people will naturally have <70% ATK% and naturally have <50% Crit DMG; so this talents really shines.
  2. Blessing Downwind (increases Hero ATK Rate by 5%)- boosts only regular attacks, but increases damage output by more than any other talent. For heroes that rely primarily on their skill or divine damage though, this talent isn’t as good.
  3. Battle Fever (increases Hero ATK by 8%)- This is a three way tie for 3rd place, and it is a solid talent but will always be worse than Blessed Weapons due to how IGG calculates damage.
  4. Fatal Strike (increases Hero CRIT rate by 5%)- This can be good, especially if you plan to use a weapon like the Hammer that gives no CRIT rate by default.
  5. Killing Intent (increases Hero CRIT DMG by 10%)- Also a very powerful buff, but this experiences hard diminishing returns like the ATK % buff.
  6. Unwavering Focus (increases Hero Hit rate by 5%)- Not necessarily needed just yet unless people start going crazy on dodge talents and enchants.
  7. Will to Fight (increases Hero ATK by 280)- Just horrible. The worst offensive talent by far.


Defensive Based Talents:

  1. Charm Curtain (reduces DMG Dealt to Hero by 8%)- This is the coveted talent by many, with many top players mindlessly spamming jewels until they get 3x 5/5 Charm Curtains on all their heroes. It certainly is a good talent to have on any hero, but it is not necessarily the best for every situation!
  2. Nimble Moves (increases Hero Dodge rate by 5%)- This talent is actually worse than Will to Fight & Hardbody UNLESS… your hero has equipment with +Dodge% on it (like a Heart or Bow). The reason is that if you only have 5% dodge rate, even all green weapons have more +HIT% on it than 5% and it will be 100% useless. HOWEVER… if you use a Bow or Heart and combine 3 of these guys, you can make a VERY annoying hero to kill. Give that hero a Panda aide and you can be over 60% Dodge!
  3. Cast in Iron (increases Hero HP by 8%)- Not a bad talent by any means, though you likely will have a good amount of HP%+ already so it suffers from diminishing returns.
  4. Steel Body (increases Hero CRIT Resist rate by 5%)- This isn’t a bad talent, and according to IGG it reduces the Critical damage received. However, with a cap of 5%, this means that a 5/5 Charm Curtain will always be better than it AND this talent ONLY applies to CRIT damage!
  5. Hardbody (increases Hero HP by 4000)- This suffers from the same effect as ‘Will to Fight.’ 4000 HP is nothing in the end game and almost any other talent would be better than this one!


Troop Based Talents:

  1. Art of War (increases troops a Hero leads by 3)- Arguably the best one, though at some point it is debatable if this is better than Morale Boost especially with a Demon Slayer aide already boosting the number of troops you get.
  2. Morale Boost (increases ATK of Hero’s troops by 16%)- A mixture of Art of War and this is just awesome… though you will suffer faster diminishing returns from this talent than art of war & due to How IGG calculates Damage, ATK% only boosts based upon the base Attack of troops which is often quite small.
  3. Amazing Grace (increases HP of Hero’s troops by 16%)- Despite how amazing grace is, this talent is close to the bottom of the barrel. I imagine someday we will want these and a Pounder aide on some super tanky Ox Mercenaries, but for now it’s not too great!
The Best Hero Talents

17 thoughts on “The Best Hero Talents

  1. Errelius says:

    Seriously you have been a great help and I cant wait to get orange I have two blue the rest green and I’ve been playing for almost two months so this guide will help boost for sure thanks much man. Your base and heroes are beast BTW love the Dodge build LS total beast.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Errelius says:

        Your welcome. Thanks as well I can’t wait to grow even further. Your guide has gotten my talents and equipment up .


      1. Frodobongins says:

        Hey, can you explain a little how the law of diminishing returns works with regards to COL2? I understand the concept, but I’m unsure how it works with the way IGG calaculates. Also, to clarify, when you talk about talent being capped at___%, I assume you mean the individual Talent in one of the 3 slots correct? Ie: if you get 3 of the same 5% boost talents, the effects are additive and your getting 15%… Right? Keep up the good work


      2. The effects would be additive for multiple talents of the same kind for sure; so yes, I just mean for one of the slots.

        As far as diminishing returns goes; let’s look at an example of DMG%. If you have no DMG% buffs and then roll a Blessed Weapons 5/5 (giving 8% DMG%)… it would increase your overall output by 8%.

        Now let’s say you have a max level 3 enchanting (25% DMG), a max aide skill Sapphirix aide (25% DMG), a max +3 Orange Axe (25% DMG) and then roll a Blessed Weapons. The Blessed weapons will increase your overall damage modifier from 75% to 83%, but the overall increase in output will be 1.83/1.75 or 4.57%. So the diminishing return is that you get less of an increase in total output the higher you stack any given stat. In the first case, an extra 8% DMG% gave you 8% more output; in the second case, an extra 8% DMG% only gave you an additionaly 4.57% extra output. It’s still good, but players need to be aware they will get less bang for their buck so to speak.


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